Ray Welsby - Kipling House 1977

REAR ROW L to R: Duncan Guy, Jeremy Rose, Andy Whitfield, Chris Hawken, Terry Eggleston, Justin Glyn-Jones, Ray Welsby.

MIDDLE ROW L to R: Rhys Pritchard, Andy Horsford, Max Brown, Tom Wise, Chris Coghill, Richard Brayne-Nicholls, Nadeem Khan, Jolyn Matthews, Chris Larter.

FRONT ROW L to R: ? Dodd, Tony Barbour, Phil Parsons, Bill Watkins, Mrs Watkins, Andy McKinney, Conrad Albrechtsen.

Lucy & Rowena Watkins. AND Pushkin the Cat. (I Think)!!

SEATED L to R: Barry Moore, Ching Fei Gee, Jonathan Richardson, Paul Scott-Dickens, Steven Turnbull. (Names attempted after25 yrs)!!

Grenville College Under 13 Rugby Team - Sep 1978

STANDING L to R: Ben Rutledge, Duncan Guy, Roger Bayat, Ashley Clements, Mark Crossley ?, Peter Brett-Scott, Peter Willis, Michael Davey, Dave Parsons, Andy Whitfield, James Lassiter, Jonathan Richardson.

SEATED L to R: Brooke Bowater, Shaun Robins, Justin Grihault, Bill Jungius, Ray Welsby, Adam Serle, Harry Wilson.

Apologies for any mistak&es / incorrect spellings. It's been a very long time!!

Coached by an extremely capable and generally cool dude - Andy Lane, as far as I can remember!