Dryden - 1985

� Baths Photographic

October 2000, Rob Viner sent above :

I had a look around for old school images but could only find the attached. It's a picture of everyone leaving Dryden House in 1985 (I think the year is correct). People in the picture. I cannot remember all their names but this is a list of names a can remember. House Master : John Capel (Not in picture)

From Top Left. Christian Robertson,?, Ian Partington, James Jack, Daniel Haythornthwaite, Joel Dyer, Nick Robson, William Dymott, Peter Phelan, Toby Win, Simon Stafford.

Middle row from Left: James Ball, Varyan Cripps, Michael Whitehead, Julian Cox Mr. Alastair Argyle, Ian Finlay, Robert Ashford-Sanford, C. O'malley

Bottom Row from Left: J Rew?, Jason Lovering, William MacEwen, Andrew Coxe, (Myself) Rob Viner

I'm sure visitors to the website could fill in the blank names.

May 2001 - Thanks to William Dymott for filling some of the gaps.