Steve Grimsley 2002

Finally a modern one of me at work.

I am now the victim contact co-ordinator for Gloucestershire Youth Offending Team.


Andrew Cruikshank with a head lock on Paul Welch. Down on the Lower Field which I think is now built on. (ed: This area is now the car park next to the Assembly Hall with the drive running past Bracken Brae to the left)

1962 :

Pollard on the lower field.

1962 :

Tony Thornburn on the Moreton Playing Fields.

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1962 : Sawyer, Moreton Playing Fields.

Note the left background shows the farm where the YFC used to keep pigs which everyone could buy shares in. A good rounded education indeed!

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Whole school photo from 62(?).

The photographer is "A.C.Littlejohns, Mill Street Studio, Bideford".

Too many to mention and it would get very complicated but to the right of the dog in the front row are David Preace, Tony Thornburn, Spid Ryder, Andrew Cruikshank, Peter(?) Sawyer, Houghton, Paul Welch, George Molony and me.