Rooker Al

Kipling house 81 - 82

Starting at back row (standing) from left - David Condy, Matthew Williamson (died 2002 RIP), Al Rooker, ?, Michael Geary, Al Dunn, Steve Sonley (pig), Web?, Tim Cook, Stephenson, ?, Evans?, Rupert Stanifourth, ?, Gundle?, Thom Jenkins, Matthew Tailor, Youngman, Paul Dennis-Smith, Robert Newman, Mrs. Link & child, Mr. Link & Sam?, Mr. ?, Bill Joungus, Nick "Pilgrim" ?, Christopher Adams

This is what a school photo should look like! Sorry for the blank names, and those that I may have got wrong.

Al Dunn 1985 or 6

Al Dunn - I had to share a study with this guy! We used to have a laugh. Last heard from him about 10 years ago.

James Veasy & Paddy Gavin

James Veasy (left) and Patrick Gavin at my desk in study 3, 4 or 5 (can't remember which) Tallis house. Paddy had probably popped round for a cup of tea. I shared the study with James Veasy & Al Dunn - we never got much work done.

Patrick Gavin

Patrick Gavin, and some music gear in the music rooms, probably in 1984 or 5. How Mr. Wetheral ever trusted us with that lot I will never know! That analogue synth in the foreground is worth a fortune now.

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Tallis & Romney disco

1984 - 86? This was a Tallis & Romney disco. The zombie dancing, "Disco Stu" in the middle is Patrick Cunningham I think. On the right is me being told off by a teacher (not sure which one) for pogo dancing. I remember that, because I hurt my teeth when I banged my jaw on someone's head. Maybe it was Patrick's head, and he's not dancing after all, but coming over to take a swing at me!!! I think I can also make out Ben Chads, Jim Meany and Andy Gabriel in this photo.

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Al Rooker Then & Now

Al Rooker 85-86 (& 07) study Tallis House. 21 years later, and I still pull a stupid face when someone points a camera at me!