Misc Sixties

Chris Lasham 66-71

Since leaving Grenville nearly thirty years ago Chris has been busy. In the Seventies he owned a used car business. In the Eighties he sold satellite communication systems all over the world, then went onto Xerox to sell digital publishing systems. More recently he was Sales Director for a publishing company.

Chris now concentrates on share trading from his home in Sussex, where he lives with his wife Christine and two daughters. Victoria, his eldest, is in her final year of A Levels, whilst Abigail has just started GCSE's. Christine is the UK Sales Manager for a German company.

The picture was taken at their recent 20th wedding anniversary party � apart from being slightly larger and with slightly less hair, Chris has changed very little!!! Chris would like to contact David Aitken if anyone knows his whereabouts.

School Photo 1969



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Peter Kingwill 57 - 64 (President GA 75 - 80)

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The original Grenville shield